Top Loading Spray Washing Machines

ESP Top Loading Spray Washing Machines

ESP series are designed for efficient cleaning of industrial parts with pressurized hot water plus a biodegradable detergent. The ESP range has very low operating cost and consumption, the body and structure is made entirely of corrosion free stainless steel material and heavy duty components. This type of machine is correct choice for cleaning oil, grease, production residues off the surface of parts and anticorrosive protection applications. The ESP range of spray washers are supplied with a stainless steel pump, nozzles, heaters and motorised basket as standard features.

  • Top opening gas spring assisted machine lid.
  • Motorised stainless steel component basket.
  • Stainless steel spray bar assemblies above, below and at the side.
  • Integral fluid filtration system.
  • Basket jog feature.
  • Chemical & corrosion resistant stainless steel pump.
  • Electrical powered fluid heating.