Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaning System

MultiClean Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaning System

MultiClean cleaning systems are available with 2, 3, 4 or 5 tanks from our standard range as well as larger quantities for special machines at request. Tanks can included multiple configurations including pre-washing, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, passivation and drying.


Pre-washing is generally used for very dirty and greasy parts before precise cleaning to remove rough contamination to save time, energy, water and cleaning chemical consumption.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning power is able to reach points that are normally very difficult to reach like small holes and complicated shaped parts which can’t be cleaned with a brush or by hand giving better precision cleaning results.


Cleaning chemical residue can remain on the surface of the parts after cleaning. To wash away these chemical residuals rinsing can be used either by a closed circulation system or by continual fresh water supply.


Sometimes cleaned parts needed to be protected against oxidation and by adding an additional stage with a passivation chemical inside the tank you can passivate and protect the parts


After the cleaning process is complete parts can be dried by either hot air or vacuum drying as the final stage according to the geometry of the parts and to customer’s requirements.

Optional Extras

A large range of optional extras are available including oil skimmers, pump circulation, filtration, basket handling systems, pneumatic lids and many more available at request.